Mompreneurs: Keeping the balls in the air

What is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneur means a mom who is an entrepreneur. The word is used to describe the roles of mothering and entrepreneurship converging. A mompreneur can be anyone who runs their own business while being a full-time or part-time mother. She may be building small handmade crafts on ETSY or building a multinational company from the ground up. Either way, mompreneurs are the CEO of their world, both at work and home. 

The term mompreneur was coined by Denise Marigold in 1982, and it is now a trademark of her book. The word has been used as a synonym for the female entrepreneur, but there are some differences.

Mompreneur Masterminds

The idea of having an annual event where you can network with other moms who are also entrepreneurs led to the founding of the Mompreneur Mastermind Convention, organized by Denise Marigold. It was first held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine on November 4th, 1995, with 400 attendees. This event has grown tremendously over the years and now attracts over 1,000 moms each year. The mompreneur masterminds is a boss mom network. A gathering of great minds with great experiences all coming together to support each other and build each other up. Coaching and leadership support for women is a factor in success.

Work-Life Balance for Women

Women are more likely to struggle with work-life balance than men. This is because of their balancing of taking care of home and family while keeping up with demanding careers. While this doesn’t need to be accurate, women continue to do a significant percentage of the unpaid domestic work at home and carry a heavier emotional workload. Regardless of whether it should be accurate, the simple fact is that more challenges in work-life balance exist for women. 

Many success stories worldwide show that women are active agents in their lives. Often the decision to start a business is driven by a desire to have total control over their own life. Becoming your own boss and charting your own success is extraordinarily liberating and freeing.

Banish Working Mom Guilt

Every mom has occasional mommy guilt, but working moms suffer much more. You may feel wrong about not being home on the weekends or about not spending enough time reading & playing with your child on weekdays. You constantly compare yourself to other mothers, wishing you could be more like them. 

Reframing your guilt is challenging but necessary. Whether you work outside the home at a regular day job or run your own business on your terms, the reason is to help provide a wonderful life for your family. Having daily rituals helps you to become closer with your children. Ideas for regular routines include spending more time together, reading a bedtime story, going to the park or even taking a walk in the evening. The grass may not be much greener on the other side. Many mothers who work outside the home may feel too tired to spend quality family time with their kids at the end of the day. A good parent is simply someone who shows up for their child. They give them emotional support and spend time with them. Good-enough parents may not be perfect, but they catch their kids when they fall. They prioritize their personal needs while still taking care of their child.

Wife Mom Boss: How to keep all those balls in the air?

Wife, mom, boss – how many hats do you wear? I woke up one morning and realized I was juggling so many balls I was at risk of dropping them all. A wise friend told me that I had to decide which balls I was juggling were glass and protect those ones from falling. After that, I do my best but let the others fall if needed. 

Think back to your dreams when you first started working. What was the plan? What did you hope for? If you stop working now, what will happen to your goals? Your future financial situation? Will you have any regrets in the future because of this decision?

Becoming comfortable with the concept of ‘good enough is also very important. Spreading yourself thin for perfection will hurt nobody except you. 

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