The World’s Best Mountain Hikes


The best treks in the world do not simply engage your feet, they challenge you mentally as well. If you are ready to take on an adventure, a picturesque hike will take you to places unimaginable and reward you with snapshots and memories to last a lifetime. These mountain paths have stolen our hearts already – have you tried some of them?

  1. Mount Kailash Pilgrimage, Tibet

While Shiva sits in meditation on top of the mountain, the mountain remains unclimbed. Although the mountain itself is forbidden, because it is considered sacred by five religions, the 32 miles path, known as kora, traversing around, is a real paradise for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

  1. Yoshida Trail, Japan

The Japanese say that climbing Mount Fuji once makes you wise, and climbing it twice makes you a fool. The highest point in Japan is definitely one of the most climbed in the world. There are many trails that lead to the top, but the 8-mile Yoshida Trail is the most popular.

  1. Glenbrook Gorge Track, Australia

Blue Mountains near Sydney offer a challenging rock-hopping bushwalk adventure down the Glenbrook Gorge. Besides the beauties of the creek bed, and the tranquillity of the bush, you can also get in touch with the past in the historic railway tunnel from 1911.

  1. Kungsleden, Sweden

The legendary King’s Trail is not for the weakhearted. This 270-miles long trail penetrates into the Arctic Circle, leading throw birch forests, and open tundra, and over the highest peak in Sweden – Mount Kebnekaise. Since it traverses the far north, you might consider doing it in late summer or early autumn.

  1. Grand Canyon Hike, Arizona

This geological paradise on earth offers different trails that show you the best of the rims and the river likewise. Take 4 to 6 days to slowly explore the multi-coloured layers of the Canyon, and sleep in pleasant camps along the way. Go in September or April.

  1. Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia, Argentina

This iconic trek takes you through eerie beech forests, pass the roaring waterfalls, and across glaciers, all within one route. To avoid the crowds and the infamous winds of Patagonia, visit in February or March.

  1. Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland

Hiking through lava fields and peering into the recent volcanic eruption is what makes the Iceland’s most popular hiking trek so appealing. After seeing the two new craters, the glaciers, and the raging North Atlantic, the mythical creatures of the Norse tradition will not seem so hard to believe in.

  1. Israel National Trail, Israel

Enjoy the beauty of the Middle Eastern wilderness, biblical landscapes and ancient history, and meet the wandering Bedouins, on the Israel National Trail (INT). Remember to take plenty of water, as there is not much to drink along the way.

  1. The Simien Mountains, Africa

See the surreal rocky outcrops and amazing wildlife that made the highlands of Ethiopia a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some say that the Simien Mountains offer some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Africa, and we believe them.

  1. Shackleton’s Route, South Georgia Island, South Atlantic/Antarctica

A real explorers’ gem, Shackleton’s route will take you across South Georgian unpredictable glaciers, and black sand beaches, filled with thousands of penguins and elephant seals. This is not a route you should explore on your own, but there are guided Antarctic tours that include it.

What is your most memorable hiking adventure?

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