Know How On Road Training Can Enhance Mountain Biking Skills


The sport we play is part of our self. We grow mentally and physically in a streamlined way if you play certain sports. Mountain biking is one of those adventure sport that requires a lot of skills and training. However, it’s not necessary for a mountain biker to train at mountains only. Certain aspects of mountain biking can be learned while training on the road with a bicycle. Now, you must be thinking that training on the mountain is always going to be different from training on the road with a bicycle. Yes, Its true and we agree with you to an extent. But that is not what we will argue about, this post will help you in identifying those typical aspects of mountain biking that you can learn on the road as well. We will be emphasising on discussing merits and demerits, timing of road workouts, mechanical differences and specific workouts.

Merits & Demerits: – Training on the road is advantageous as it requires less energycompared to the mountain trail. Training on the road will stretch the duration of training. The less consumption of energy will allow you to try out new skill in handling your bike instead of merely managing the bicycle to remain on track. The long duration of a training session would result in increasing your stamina. Along with stamina more flexible muscles would enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

The disadvantage would be that athlete will lack those challenges and fun that an athlete would get if train on a mountain or similar platform. Moreover, a road training will not train an athlete for the specific requirements of the mountain biking. The body positioning which is very important in mountain biking and control over timing will lack if you train on the road for most of the time. Regularly training on the road will make an athlete used to of the comfort and consistency in peddling; this in reverse will lower an athlete’s ability to adapt.

Mechanical Aspect of difference: – The suspension in a mountain bike absorbs a lot of energy, the energy an athlete generates is absorbed by lower-pressure tires, rear the front suspension. The Friction and gravitational force one faces is higher on a mountain bike. Also, the road structure requires more balanced and controlled ride than a speedy one. Whereas bicycles made for road training or riding are not so complex and comfortable in riding.

With all the above-mentioned dimensions of on road and mountain biking, biking will help an athlete in assessing peculiar requirements of their training. The pros or cons will be there but if one wish to achieve success in mountain biking, one has to adopt a mixture of both types of training. Moreover, biking as an adventure sport or as a daily activity is fun. Whatever may be the distinction in terms of process and tools used the result will be anyhow contributive in your skill, stamina and strength.

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