A Few Common Tourist Attractions in India


India is a vast country with a diverse culture and has hundreds of different tourist attractions strewn all over it. Viewing them all in a single holiday would take a lot of time and it is hence important to make compromises. Most tourists concentrate on one or two aspects of Indian culture and make a tour of the country visiting the most important sites of that particular nature. Others concentrate on one or two geographical branches of the country. Where you go and how you plan your vacation depends on what you want to see the most in the country.

Planning your Vacation

Because of the size of the country and the diversity of culture, it is not always possible for the layman to understand the various implications of visiting the country’s different locations. As such, making a wrong itinerary can severely hamper the extent to which you enjoy your vacation in India. You may end up spending more money than you need to, miss important locations on the map you have covered and fall into unfamiliar situations that can severely distress your calm while you are in vacation.

Hotels in India

Not every part of Indian cities, towns, and tourist spots are spick and span. There are locations where you can feel ill at ease, places of poor hygiene and worse, places which are not safe. Therefore, you need a professional who is aware of the various conditions in different parts of a location in India to guide you as to where you should stay. Getting a hotel in the wrong part of a city can cause a lot of problems. You may get poor living conditions as there is not enough hygiene in the area, you may get overcharged by the person you book your hotel from, and even more, you may have to travel long distances to get to most tourist attractions. Therefore, getting a good hotel in a good location in the country is important.

Also, because you would probably be moving from place to place during your stay in India and not staying at any position for more than a day or two, there need to be several hotel bookings at frequent intervals and it is very easy to mix these up and cause problems at both ends. Therefore, you need a professional travel planner like tour voyagewho can set these things up for you and make sure you always have a nice clean place to live in.


While transport is cheap and abundant in the country, you may get grossly overcharged by most drivers in the city and even get dropped off at locations different to what you signed up for. Therefore, you need to have a proper mode of transport which is usually a car or a chartered bus that takes you between various locations. These need to be hired in advance and once again, due to the number of such bookings, you need expert guidance on them.

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