5 Simple Ways to Solo Travel While Traveling with a Group


Wherever you are touring European hotspots like Amsterdam or sailing around the Pacific islands. Having some alone time is essential to an amazing trip. Take a look at our top 5 tips for solo travelling whilst being a part of a group.

  1. Go to the Market

Or anywhere else that is local and unique to the area (so long as it’s safe). Whether you’re merely browsing or looking to make a purchase, shopping of any kind can be therapeutic. And it is something that can certainly be done alone! The best part about local markets? They’re often times teeming with culture and can offer you a microscopic view of the people’s lives (how they make a living, what the clothing style is like, etc.). Just tell your friends you’ll be away for an hour or two, and gain a new experience all your own!

  1. Go for a Run

What I really mean is, JUST GET OUTSIDE. You don’t necessarily have to exercise to get out, but running does offer a good excuse to get out on your own. An excuse to explore new places. To clear your head and to just be alone for a while. I like to schedule running into my morning routine, before everyone else is awake. It offers a calm before the storm. A chance to get away on your own terms, without feeling obligated to stick to a group’s schedule. Seriously, do it!

  1. Listen to Some Music

Before I go on any trip, I create multiple playlists. In time, I develop a sort of relationship with them. A relationship that I constantly look back on and think, “Ahhh, those were the good old days.” Because every time I hear certain songs, they transport me back in time, to different lands and into my old speculative thoughts. The best time to listen to some music is when in transit, either on a bus, or a train, or a plane, etc. Stick your headphones into your ears and let the world melt away. Keep your eyes open, though, and observe all that you can, for YOURSELF. I promise you’ll see much more than if you were to have a chatty ride with some friends.

  1. Go Out for a Night on the Town

I recommend going with your group at first, but breaking free from the pack as soon as possible. Have a drink. Let loose. And jump into a realm all of your own. Join in on a dance circle. Hell, start your own dance circle! Seriously, I’m normally the girl that’s running all over the place plucking wallflowers from their comfort zones and into a superficial, yet fun, night of dancing. Seriously guys, make new friends. It’s one of the best parts about traveling, whether solo or in a group!

  1. Keep a Diary

The easiest way to escape into your own world is by keeping a journal. I always keep a tiny notebook in my purse, no matter where I go. It reminds me to constantly observe, even when I’m with a group of people. I jot down anything and everything, constantly scanning new territories for occurrences I deem foreign and worthy of mention. Then, at the end of the day, I review my notes and expand upon them in more detailed writings. Not only do I end up with descriptive accounts of my travels, but I get to see the world uninterrupted and through my own filters.

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